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Featured Books

  • Child of True Lovers

    This book is about a girl who suffers from a rare disease, Schizophrenia. Along with Schizophrenia, she was also the patient of Precognitive Dreaming due to which she was unable to distinguish between dreams and reality.

  • The Coin

    “Who likes Sudden death?” That's the only question he used to ask before killing his prey. Random people are being abducted from the capital city, Delhi and are being killed mercilessly.

  • The Web Of karma

    The book “The Web Of karma” is a psychological, domestic, historical, political fiction, which is heavily inspired from the real incidents which happened in the small town Motihari of Bihar, during the era of Jungle-Raaj – the dark age of increasing anarchy and lawlessness in the state, when the control over law and order had long since passed from the hands of the administration to caste-based gangs and organized crime syndicates enjoying political patronage.


June 17, 2021

Typewriter with a story: Dad

A typewriter lay in the corner,Reminding of old thoughts and yonder,It had memories,Of old or golden stories.I knew my dad used those,To type letters or prose,He wrote love letters...
June 17, 2021

Dear Dad: Letter in heaven

Dear Dad,I am sad.As father's day is on the cornerBut you are nowhere.I hope angels in the heavens,With their brethren,Are giving you love and care.Fulfilling needs and desires.I remember...
June 17, 2021

She came in the dark

I used to work with a lady called Rina. We are both Pisceans so we bonded over common things and pangs of being soft, sensitive, loving Pisceans.She quit her...
June 17, 2021

Together we will win

Life in a pandemic is tough,life is certainly rough.Every day or nightLife is something to fight.The world seems lonely and not the same,Survivors are fittest in the game.Fight for...
June 17, 2021

Yellow butterfly

I was sad,Felt my life was really bad.Suddenly I saw a golden yellow butterfly,Fluttering nearby.I had read somewhere,When you see a golden butterfly,Means an angel in the skySent you...
June 17, 2021


खूबसूरती की देखो इंतहान हो गई, मकान को सुंदर बना इंसान की इंसानियत खो गई। घर हुए मकान, मकान हुए सुंदर सजावट से भरे, इंसान के दिल हुए छोटे...
June 17, 2021


मुझे कविता लिखनी नहीं आती, मैं अनपढ़ हूँ। मुझे प्यार जताना नहीं आता, मैं बेकल हूँ। मेरे जिंदगी का कोई मोड़ नहीं, मैं राही हूँ। मैं कल कल कल...
June 17, 2021


नारी के स्वाभिमान की इंतहान हो गई, बेटी से पत्नी फिर बहु और फिर सास के परिभाषा की परिक्रमा हो गई। जन्म लिया कन्यारूपीत, विकृत मानसिकता के बीच पोषित।...
June 17, 2021


आज किसी ने कहा, दर्द को बह जाने दिया करो। उसे क्या पता मेरा दर्द अश्क नहीं स्याही बन कर उतरते हैं कागज़ पर। दर्द ज़ख़्म का ठीक हो...
June 17, 2021

उजड़ी बगिया

मुश्किल से मिलते हैं दिल हजार, उसमें से एक होता आपकी जिंदगी की बहार, खिलते नहीं हैं मौसम बार बार, दिन ढले फूल मुर्झा जाते हैं, हंसी जिंदगी की...