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"Survival of the fittest" goes parallel with the marketing strategies. 
  "For promotion, the companies have been culling out the most famous and recognizable faces as the ‘FACE OF THEIR BRANDS’; on the contrary, some top-notch companies have been adopting a strategy in which the FACE OF THEIR BRAND is just an unknown ordinary face. So, does the latter strategy really work?"
Face for their brand creates an identity (design/logo). Also it helps to connect with customers. 
The company enjoys a sheer advantage over their competitors even if their product would be more reliable.
Let's get started with- 
"Sab Kuch try Karo fir Sahi chuno" 
Remember the Airtel girl, with short hair Having faced a major loss in the market share, they knew; they had to do something different and hence they planned a different brand recall. Also, the company was successful in creating strong brand elements and adding those successfully i.e. her proactive communication and her voice recalls, etc; she proved to be the perfect fit as a BRAND AMBASSADOR, FACE OF THE BRAND, and BRAND IDENTITY and has helped the brand to powerfully move ahead.
Adding on, the Airtel 4G girl; be it “Sasha Chettri” (The short hair girl) or “Kriti Sanon”; both have been able to seize every moment and unleash the high-spirited self; thereby building a new avatar to strongly connect with the youth along with taking a heavy jab on the company's rivals. 
"Kya aapne Kabhi online hotel search kiya hai? "
Mr. Abhinav Kumar, being a Development Head at Trivago, is all you would remember even today whenever the name of the company flashes in your head as he was so relatable to an ordinary person on the street; which was the ultimate strategy behind choosing him as Face of their brand. 
Although this campaign was considered to be annoying and amusing still his omnipresence across all TVC forced the audience to wonder about his body language and appearance but the ultimate aim of the company was fulfilled i.e the numbers (revenue) went up by 68% in the first quarter itself. (The numbers do not tell the whole story)
So opting for a lesser-known in-house face was the idea which clicked them which helped the company make an intelligent escape from paying a hefty amount via a friendly television presence and an attention-seeking dialogue delivery. Finally, Abhinav Kumar became the Face Of Hotel Search Engine Company and a Trivago Ad Guy thereby paying off the risk associated initially.
While all these advertisements featuring the ordinary person as the face of the brand proved to be successful, still they faced criticisms to a great extent. Brand recall grew initially for all but after a point, people got annoyed. Some faced criticisms through memes while some messages and comments. But none broke down the optimistic approach of the company which is the rise in their revenue. 
Lastly breaking the stereotype and finally stepping on for working on something out of the box has always resulted in a national-wide storm and this move by the companies proved to be a breakthrough. Many more may be on their way. 
Can you find others?? Your comments are welcomed. 

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