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It was you who transformed him into something extraordinary

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Get up and grin, Sweetheart. You have sufficiently squandered tears behind somebody who did not merit a drop of it.
It's not your blame that they couldn't care less about you. Your blame is that you mind excessively. Do you truly think it merits sobbing for somebody who guaranteed to be the light that guides you towards the way of inspiration and left your side right when the obscurity arrived?
I thoroughly comprehend what you have experienced and what you feel each day, consistently. The disappointment, the misery and the vibe of completion everything and leaving this world. I can thoroughly comprehend it. However, do you believe it merits biting the dust for somebody who couldn't satisfy a solitary guarantee from the heft of the guarantees they have done?
It doesn't make a difference in what they have done. What lead you both towards this choice. What makes a difference is a way smoothly you handle the circumstance which is introduced by life before you. Do you believe it merits squandering your valuable time while considering somebody who doesn't merit a second of your life any longer?
It was you who made him essential.
It was you that influenced him to feel extraordinary.
It was you who adored him past the degree which he merited.
It was you, Sweetheart. Presently its opportunity to do that for yourself and with yourself
Feel your significance.
Keep your head high.
Grin as nothing happened and trust me it will be his greatest thrashing..

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