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It usually walks around the womb by pushing off with its feet,
This time, she heard a cry along with the kicking and punching.
Mommy, Swimming in your belly, makes me feel safe secure
But I don't want to come out of this comfortable and cozy place.
The world outside is brutal barbarous:
There are haters, abusers, ravagers, rapists.
I know mommy, I'll have a restrained restricted life -
Suppressing the desires in the fear of being judged
I'll be rated throughout my life: remarked upon the color, shape, size.
If I'll be, what they say 'perfect' -
I'll be envied or leered upon. 
And If I don't, I'll be looked down upon.
People are impostor : monsters with faces of friends.
The world is full of liars, tricksters and deceivers.
Don't bring me to life mommy.
I know you and dad love me
But this world does not;
Even they'll say, they do; I know 
They are hoaxers hypocrites.
I am safe and secure in this little room
Don't push me to this atrocious abhorrent world.

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