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You make me complete, you make me whole,
You awaken the life in me, carrying a part of my soul,
I treasure you in my heart like a blooming rose,
Roost in my heart, you are my the girl before whom I froze…

I still remember your sunkissed face,
Soft bouncing of your curly hair,
Sundress flowing with mild breeze,
I met you first at the night time fair..

A bunch of flowers in my hand,
Wish to gift it to special someone,
Your face was such of a dream land,
Together living would be so much fun..

Heartbeats escalated with your smile,
Your perfect nose and glowing eyes,
Holding hands and walking miles,
You are my angel in some disguise..

You seemed my fairy flying down,
I swooned at your beauty at first site,
You held my hands in wedding gown,
Walking down the aisle with your might..

I am in love with your core,
So pure and serene none can have,
I adore you so much, my beloved,
We are made in paradise above..

Don’t leave me ever, stand by me,
I’ll cherish you with my sole being,
Your essence I can always see,
Words cannot describe my inner feeling..

I had poured my love writing poetries,
Stories of love as we lived so long,
You are my charm, I can fully agree,
You are my sweet melodious song…

You are the tune of my heart,
I love you forever, forever…

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