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In the pink moonlit night
parody of paradise peeking through the panacea

A quick rush of adrenaline pumping through my veins
drenching my doppelganger with dusky dopamine,
pleasure having a paramount penchant for pains.

panoramic view of paradise palpitating in every single pulse
searching serenity in the netherworld adorned by the throne of skulls.

garnets glistening on the glass skin
Love vibrating in virtues, Lust lined up with sins

Draping the fragrances of petrichor
smudging eyes with the kohl of purple twilights

Love planted a paradoxical multiverse in my hollow ribs
fantasies fabricated on the fur coat of infernos and warm flames.

sunshine melting with mellifluous melodies of magnetic, mystic magic
trespassing the territories of transcending, threshing torments tragic.

Euphony of euphoria, emeralds, and embers
temperate grasslands and meadows, flowers of fears.

Drunken on the ambrosia of salty tears
Love taught me how to grow
became the ink to my bleeding pen,
taught me how to smash and break free of my fears.

Love showed me dusk and dawn
became my lanterns of eternal lights.


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