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Since childhood, we're taught to respect our mother Earth,
Since childhood, we were asked to love it till death,
Since childhood,we were said to take care of it,
But,how sincerely we took it when we grew up a bit..
We're asked to pay respect to our flag,
Not to throw it like a dumping bag
We're asked to show respect from heart and soul
Not by tattoos covering our bodies to the full..
Instead of showing fake love for country by spending lavishly,
Feed a poor who is in need by showing humanity
Provide blankets to the one suffering from harsh cold and falling ill,
As those won't count,but your good works will..
Instead of encouraging people to gather for meals,
Spread a word to stop corruption and spread peace
Help the accused ones rather than donating huge amount
As all these won't count, but blessings will have it's account..
Let's pray for those who gave their life for independence,
Let's pray for those who gave us full confidence
Let's pray for those who are the reason for our peaceful sleep with ease,
Let's pray for them who gave us precious life in this beautiful place..
This Independence day,
Let's salute to the immortal souls that shed blood for us,
Let's take an oath to respect our country till last breath and caress
Let's join hands and remove racism from our nation,
Let's come together to make it a good place for a future generation.

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