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"Fine, now that you're leaving it feels so good"
"TV remote will be all mine," He said while I was packing my bags for a hostel.
But on the day I was leaving I saw tears in his eyes !!
"Get lost, you moti"
"I hate you" every day he says in a frustrating tone.
But when others tease me, he is the one who always takes my stand !!
"You are the adopted child of this house"
"Mumma-Papa loves me more" After every fight, he says this loud.
But every time, when mom or dad scolds me, he pampers me the most !!
"I'm telling you, after finishing yours, don't ask me to share" every time while eating something favorite I hear this.
But then, he doesn't even eat chocolate without sharing it with me !!
"Don't expect anything from me this year"
"I don't have money to waste for you"
Every year before Raksha Bandhan he says this.
But on the day of Raksha Bandhan, like every year he surprises me with something unique !!
So amazing is this relation of ours,
That is filled with love and care,
From our childhood, we have a lot of fights,
Together we have done numerous mischiefs,
"I hate you" has become our frequent phrase,
But still, togetherness is what, between us, always prevails !!
So special is this bonding,
Despite so many fracases, it's never-ending,
At one moment, for each other we become enemies,
But the very next moment we feel sorry,
Grudges between us don't last longer,
After every fight, our bonds become stronger !!
So, lucky am I to have a brother,
Who from the very beginning has been my constant supporter,
Our relation is filled with senseless bickering,
But still, he is the first one I remember when it comes to understanding.
I just pray our silly fights to last until our last breath,
And the love and care between us, with time, to get amplified !!

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