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The bond we share can't be broken by the strongest galactic forces
O little sister, your happiness smells like the cologne of thousand roses.
The innocence you carry in your honeycomb glazed hazel eyes
Like the heavenly pearls plucked from the meadows of skies.
Somedays the fluffy marshmallows, somedays unexpected treats
Tangy tastes tantalizing tastebuds, on others it's just bittersweet.
We fight eternal enemies, clash like titans
like forevers, fairytales, and fireflies, my world you lightened.
If I were an angel, you'd be my heavenly halo and whimsical wings
Tears traversed through my eyes even if you were the one who fell off the swing.
Whenever in the tunnels of trauma I traveled in
you'd wipe off all the traces of my tears, like a mystical, magical Ginn.
Envision can never encapsulate us in its stellar eclipse
your voice like a cacophony of calamity, still soothing like mellifluous melodies of bird chirps.
I never knew what a brother's love felt like
but with your affection, I got to explore it
Ain't just tied up by mere strings
We are different but still so alike.
I promise to protect you from all the worldly cruelty
I'll be your armor, Like flame through toughest trenches I will guide.
Why do you wish for a fictional superhero when I am with you
A sister like me is blessed and this blessing is bestowed upon a few.

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