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Life was blissful when I was a small kid.
I was being fed and taken care of just the way one nourishes a seed.
I used to always accompany my mother
Without any worries and anxieties to bother.
Being joyous and playful all the time,
Without any knowledge about society's evils and crimes.
As I grew up to be a teenager, I made many friends.
Some were caring while others quite reluctant to befriend.
Gradually the happy and cheerful atmosphere of the classroom
was en-captured by vicious and competitive gloom.
All were ready to even cause harm
To achieve success and fame.
Leaving home for further studies gave me much pain.
New city and new atmosphere did not prove to be of much gain.
I suffered from homesickness
Being constantly by surrounded by loneliness.
In those days of hard work and struggle
A phone call from home used to make me giggle.
Found my journey to be full of ups and downs
But my parents' constant support controlled my disgust and frown.
This roller coaster ride of life
has ultimately taught me to bravely struggle and strife.
And the journey till now to me has proved to be immensely useful
And for all the valuable lessons which it has taught, I am really grateful.

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