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Before a year on the same day,
You departed, saying, very soon you'll come back,
All I had was your promise that you won't ever make me cry,
You went away,
Days passed, weeks passed, months passed,
I didn't even know when will you return,
I tried calling you,
But you didn't respond,
Numerous times I texted you,
But you never bothered to reply,
I was waiting to meet you,
But you never cared,
Neither letter nor message did you send !!
Do you even realize what all I went through,
I left no stone unturned to find you,
Your thoughts didn't let me sleep peacefully,
I was so disturbed mentally,
So many thoughts crossed my mind,
I had no answers when my heart questioned if you are fine !!
If you wanted me to go away, you should have told,
You should have confessed, that someone better you have found,
I would have understood that I don't deserve you,
Or I might have loosened my value !!
All this game of yours led me to depression,
In your absence, I never lived, just survived,
Now, after numerous efforts, I have stepped towards the right direction,
And, at present, I just want in a better way I should mold my life !!
So, now that you have called,
And you're saying your mistake you have realized,
Let me tell you something,
By heart doesn't melt,
All my feelings for you have died,
You say you need me,
For forever you have returned,
But you know what?
Now, I don't care,
I can't be your toy,
And you may go wherever you prefer !!

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