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A world without You-After you left me.

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When you left I did not realize it was for real, I could just think of all the memories we had together.
How did that happen? When I assured myself to be the luckiest human on earth to have you as a part of my life. It is said nobody is lucky for a lifetime. Nothing is guaranteed. So was our bond.
I have seen life with you around...
It hurts to think of you, not being a part of this world, my little world anymore.
I always felt I had an escape from every problem I faced, every mistake I did... Because you soulfully accepted me for who I am and also taught me what life is all about. It's in the little things we admire in life. It's the family over money. It's the moment you can't put to words. It's in the hug that lasts for moments but captures moments.
After you left I realized every moment we spent together was worth more than anything in my life.
After you left I realized nobody else could be a part of the place you created in my life. Even if we are not together and you are no more a part of this world... I look forward to meeting you someday and tell you, your place in my life is reserved for you, forever.
Thanks for being the best and holding on to me even at my worst times.
'You mean the world to me'. And your absence makes me feel like I have nothing beautiful to admire now in this world.

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