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The season of fall flourished over my fertile flesh
the fervor furnished faded with the flames of infernos
rotten petals of roses, ramifications of ruptured, rusted hopes
After you left, you planted behind the swamp forest of sorrows
like the fading fragrance of lifeless flowers
I lost myself amidst the countless stars
searching lost tracks in the mystic tunnel of space and time
like poetry searching for it's lost rhyme.
Terror invading the territories of my soul
disoriented dreams, aimless ambitions, and untrodden goals
the sinking ship of contentment in the colossal ocean
prejudiced by the authority, hopes were downtrodden
the spark of Renaissance reappeared
the car of fulfillment was put to fourth gear
the flow of ink from my pen became my power,
the voice of my heart reincarnated with the literary shower
Aurora of imagination filled the voids and healed the scars,
the apocalypse of anxiety was ceased, the Galaxy of expectations gave birth to a new star
The agony was left far behind, seeds of poetic words were sown
I found my long lost happiness in this world within 26 letters, on the break of dawn.
Melodies of metaphors, ironies left behind in the abyss, the core
My bleeding ink became my eternal mentor.
the tears trespassing the territory of my framework
became my perineal, perpetual power, pulled me out of the netherworld of the dark.
After you left, I truly found myself.

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