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Soothing to the soul, like pearls and beads,
It creates symphonies and melodies deep,
You sink in the tunes and ups and downs,
Each scale is a height that falls like crown.
Sinking in the beauty, the mind freshens up,
Sa, re, ga, ma are the musical secrets of us,
The skies seem smiling with the synchronization,
As sun shies away with the precipitation.
Like leaves murmur secretly their unsung stories,
A way to brighten up life is symphonies,
Each rustle of leaf and chirruping of bird,
Makes mornings shine with the rising sun.
You'll find singing even in silence rooms,
As walls listen to your inner talks like boon,
The music you hold in your arms so closely,
Is the ultimate reason to live life musically.
Cherish each word and depth of the tunes,
Whether you are in darkness or summer dunes,
Each song is a treasure holding gold,
Music you'll love always even if you grow old.
It's an essence to be nurtured deep,
To let it fly when chanted in symphonies,
Mantras, shlokas are all so rejuvenating,
They'll create an aura of eternity.
Bliss is to listen to Tansen's music,
From alankaar and alaap, all are fusing,
Making your cells once again breathe,
Such is the impact of music with beauty.

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