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You decorated my world with the ruby breeze of love that metamorphosed me lovesick,
Cupid’s arrow struck my neck and we held hands to walk across the globe till eternity,
Bookish kisses on a passionate night where stars witnessed our unceasing bond,
A mahogany tree sweetly captured the romantic beats of crystal stars that haunt.
Breathings muffled as nature wrapped us safe in its cradle of motherly hug,
Our feet entangled amongst the high growing weeds and busy singing bugs,
No hint of cruel songs or melodies of our vulnerability in future days to come,
You were even and I was your odd, together we battled our enemies sworn.
I stood aghast as the sun touched me teary-eyed on our place of the close meet,
Her hand was cold and lips slightly apart as she spoke her last words from feet,
My sweatshirt on her jacket perspired although she looked her best in it,
Her auburn hair gently poked her hazel iris with an attempt to stop, not quit.
Some unspoken words of the cosmos she hid within her raging being of fire,
A remedy to my heart was moving away with the tick-tock of the clock with siren,
She pulverized into clean air as my fingers trembled to caress her face blush,
Yes, she was gone to her own universe where her cheeks would bleed flush.
Was she a transient immigrant who loved me immensely with her vibes?
Her cozy hug and her warm cherry smile never faded away to describe,
She was a non- native, mint- conditioned bride of some world afar.
Her numbing touch felt icy cold as her touch faded away with crystal scars.
A part of my soul she carried with herself secretly hiding with her heart,
Our peaceful walk on the terrace of Moon had lost the most precious part,
Miraculous eyes of adoration so much shed tears of the pain of separation,
She was my cure in the land of hounds who gifted me crystal reparation.


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