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Happy Birthday my dearest sweetest child!
God bless you with every happiness in life
I pray you to scale and reach great heights
Believing in yourself without any fright.
My dear, I grew up to be a man of strength
I work hard, yet I wish you surpass my domain
Looking the good and bad in the world
You have to see the light after dark, my girl
You’ll stay with me for a short span of time
But remember, never be afraid and confined
Feel free to dream big and achieve all goals
Work for the quality without any loopholes
Trust yourself and stay aware of any evil
The universe knows everyone, live life peaceful
God will help you in your harshest time
Have faith in the Almighty, shine bright, my child
You’ll be growing up soon and going school
Learn every subject and never be cruel
Play sports of your choice, challenge yourself
Each step you climb will be an achievement itself
I hope you share some feelings with me
Emotions that you fear to let be free
Never be anxious let depression overtake
Be yourself, even if your heart really aches
This is your father’s lovely wish!

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