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Dear human!!
Did you just ever gave a thought
The blessing I have pondered upon you
The air you breathe is that precious gift
From the plants, you often cut heartless
Likewise, I have tons of favors upon you
But what have you given me in return of my favors
Nothing, but full of pain and destruction
The harshness of heat and cold is because of your own deeds
Can't you even realize,even being educated
How badly you have acted like an innocent
Though all around you are a nature's murderer
Every other day destroying one among us
Sometimes the water you drink, which is sustenance for your livelihood
How badly did you pollute it, for your own convenience
Not only destroyed nature
But also you are the reason for those animals death
The ozone layer which protects you from the sun heats and nature calamities
You didn't spare it, even knowing how dangerous it could be
You blindly just became the reason for your own destruction
Oh human, can't you see favors of us on you
Even though you repeatedly keep on destroying us
We never gave up pondering our favors upon you
But soon the time will come,
That day we would be helpless and can't save you from wrath of mother nature
We request you to please do take care of us
As together we grow to make this world a better place to live in
The serenity you always search for
Can't be found in your luxurious livelihood
But only in nature around you !!

Yours ecofriend

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