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Waves splashing the shore
a heart filled with abhor
The setting sun colouring the sky red and the stars filling the expanding universe's void
the meshwork of strings in my heart creating a toroid..
The distance between our hearts seemed like intergalactic wormholes
Let's teleport somewhere far away from time ,away from counterfeit blessings and away from heart wrenching trolls
I don't want a world of mystic fables and fluttery fairytales
I am ready to experience the fall of the sky and the force of the strongest gales
The way you tucked my hairs behind my ears
my eyes still search for your presence in despair
searching for your footprints in the glint of night
my eyes meeting the extremity of sight.
don't my voice prick your ears? you're still locked up in the little box of your fears..
like the Summer's sun I will wait for this cold , freezing winter to end
tearing the sheath of doubts , fracas and misfortunes I will transcend
I will transcend 

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