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There are many things that reign the world of freedom. From a small kid being hurled to work, to a child being married before age. From a lady being tortured to a man being treated pathetic. From an old person being thrown in old age homes to an infant enduring foeticide.

What I want to get freedom from is the ‘facade and preachings of Freedom’. I’ve seen people talk and praise as if we Indians are free from literally everything. But the thought itself is so ruining and baseless. What do we really mean by freedom? Just to be free from a foreign society? Or to be free and independent to do anything and everything.
If the feelings are attached to celebrate Independence Day in full sense, then the mind needs to be clear from the wrong meaning of Freedom.

It is not only about living happily. Even a person who smiles, has a visage different. We need freedom from such double edged swords that slash throight hearts; from the behaviour and pathetic emotions not dignifying the essence. We need freedom from every act that hurts a soul and destroys him completely.

All these issues would come to an end once the real meaning of Freedom is understood. If not, then no angel can blink and change reality. Freedom resides in your way of thinking and perceiving things right. Freedom is you. Freedom is every individual thriving.


The soldiers at war breathe for our safety,
Yet there’s fight between religions and casts,
The cost of life which was devoted on battlefield,
Is not thought to be worth of independence we got.
There’s still a girl alive who’s not free to survive,
A child working immensely hard for his family,
There’s still a Diya brightening home in name of her son,
But there’s no relevant feelings in the heart of people.
What did it really cost? The lives of million innocents,
Civilians to penniless peasants and merchants,
The blood flowed freely at the battlefield,
The freedom fighters gave their lives for our independence,
But do we do justice by our meagre acts and means?
By still fighting the battle between people and their creed?
The family members of the gone are still alive in search,
But do we understand the curse gifted to those sufferers?
It costed ages and time and energy and strength,
Let’s fight to save our independence and give homage to them,
Let’s celebrate our freedom for those who were alive and brave.


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