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It was a time,
When India was called the Golden Bird.
It was a pleasant time,
All happy and gay.
Everywhere just happiness,
No where sadness.
It was an amazing era of all riches,
No Madness, no struggle, just happiness.
The time changed and the Britishers arrived,
All dark, indescant and nothing bright.
As traders they came,
Made our minds hollow and used us.
Bribed all the innocent Kings and Queens,
Give them false hopes and started all crimes.
Divide and rule was their policy,
Divided us and made us their slaves.
The Golden Bird flew away,
Just ashes of darkness and slavery left away.
Nothing bright, no sunlight,
Just darkness nothing bright.
Everything black,
Everything distraught.
Gandhi, Subhash and all other freedom fighters,
All disguised and strived just for freedom and priceless gems.
The era of struggle for independence started and a new dawn arised,
The slavery and brutal killing was now kept aside.
Whole India became one,
No differences just one.
All religions joined hands,
Taking the vow how to make the country a free one.
Many killed many hanged,
Many displaced many reliant.
But the Britishers didn't care,
They made life hell imposing more policies and fare.
But we were also not less,
Struggled a lot, troubled them a lot and won at last.
Many policies thrown down,
But none taken into mind.
All retarded and made a new start,
Carrying out rights killing Britishers for correct rights.
Finally it was 15th August, 1947,
And finally the golden day of Indian history had arrived again.
We were free from slavery,
We proved to be real warriors.
Away from all discriminations and all,
We finally got freedom and achieved it all.
We became independent,
And our future fight bright.
From 74 years we are independent,
We are happy and ambient.
Developing around the world,
Facing abilities and skills around.
But are we really free today also?
But is the country free from all evils also?
But do we really care about freedom and its rights?
Or it's just a matter of physical rights?
Do care about the freedom,
Do care about the situation.
Don't spoil the freedom,
Don't forget how you have achieved this freedom.
Independence Day it is,
The day celebrating freedom it is.
The day of real honour it is,
The day of utmost pleasure it is.
The day of honor,
The day of real pride.
The day of independence,
The day of almost greatest stride.
So honour it and keep it well,
So take care about it and get it well.
Don't forget the facts of independence,
Don't forget the reasons of independence.
So this independence day take a vow,
That you will never let down the country's bow.
You will always keep it safe,
Strive for it and never let it go.

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