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A girl, daughter, sister, wife, mother, 
She renders every role without any bother, 
Being Stony is not in her nature, 
But being benevolent is surely one of her features, 
She is warm, 
Its her heart, 
She is not like this because of her dark, 
Dark ! Yes, she is still facing it, 
She truly can't go out at night, 
Giving birth, then throwing the girl child in a waste, 
Such a disgrace, 
You people worshipping goddess together from the past times, 
Yet don't understand the true value of your child, 
Women don't get respect, 
She is the curator of your fate, 
Then why the gender based aborticide, 
Set your limits, please abide, 
Yet she is judged on the basis of complexion, 
Forced to learn cooking, to forget about her passion, 
Why both genders can't do everything together, 
Why still dowry exists in our culture, 
See her like a human, 
Not a sex object, not a thing who defames,  
She wants your love, respect, 
Just wants to stand,
Lady is not safe around this doomed world, 
Freedom is not just a word, 
It's a feeling, emotion, care, 
Assurance, that she is not going to left bare, 
Triple talaq abolition is one step closer, 
But still she is fighting with every stricture, 
She wants her wings to fly, 
But got captured and pull by, 
Her lovables who cage her every time, 
Freedom for a girl is not about to compare between two genders, 
Don't put your thoughts into her, 
She has right to choose what she wants, 
Let make her own wish, 
Be the one who breaks the shackles, 
That tradition which continues from your antecedents, 
When she starts feeling free from your grip, 
And living without any risk, 
That day she can see freedom's existence, 
Until then she keeps longing for liberation….  

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