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Trust is like glass, so fragile
Build on threads woven with smile
It joins hearts into a rhythmic symphony
Once broken cannot be mended easily
Trust is like balloons of helium
Flying high with zeal and enthusiasm
When punched hard it bleeds and dies
Similar is the promise which bursts with lies
Trust can be poisonous in nature
Depends on the person keeping it
Once inhaled deeply the venom
Sinks deep in blood through your frenum
Trust is like breeze floating slow
Calmly touching skin making you glow
But a blow so harsh turns it cold
Trust is not currency to be sold
Trust is the waves of oceans deep
The waves lash against the rocks steep
High tides rise when the Tsunamis arise
Destroying creatures and taking their lifes
Trust is not free to be sold in pennies
They are treasures to keep and cherished
Trust is the dignity you pay with respect
It need be stolen or hidden in a chest
Trust strangles your being making you gag
A bag full of worthless lies they beg
With tears in their eyes they try to be free
But you know the worth and what they really mean. 

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