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He’s mine: In dream and in reality

He’s mine: In dream and in reality

Last night
Lying in my bed
Neither awake nor asleep
The mind wants to rest
But my thoughts drove me
to an ocean of irrevocable chaos
My eyes were closed
trying to drowse and rest.

I don't remember when I fall sleeping
Then there was he
Holding hand in my dream
Saying something with all the love in his eyes
But I couldn't heed him
I was there.

However, the hand he's holding wasn't mine
He noticed me staring him
I was numb
My eyes want to cry
My heart wants to scream to the sky
But I was still
Couldn't move an inch
Apathetic and lifeless
Trembling through the nightmare
I sabotaged my dream
Eyes wet and racing heart.

Oh! Just a dream
Berate the thoughts and listen to the heart
Intuition and emotion - never lie
I consoled myself

In reality when he is mine
Why not in my dreams for a while?
For the first time
I was being insecure
I trust him more than my life
Cognizant being I'm
Never will he cheat his beloved
Stars can fall to the earth
Sun can never rise again
Oceans can drought
Moon can tumble heat
But his love can never flee.

Later that day,
I confessed of my erroneous & untrue dream
He chuckled with an elvish smile in his eyes
Then holds my hand
And said what my heart desperately wants to listen
"Yours is the hand that ill be holding the rest of my life"
"Yours is the heart for that love in my eyes"
"I'll be always, there to love you"
"Dreams are meant to be incomplete and untrue,
Never compare it with the truth"
"Your reality is much endearing than your dream".

This is the reason why my heart chose him.

This night
I'll dream again
For that
He will be mine
In dream and reality.
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