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In the middle of a busy morning, I was there standing
among bees. The sun was glowing reddish yellow. It made
everyone to feel like taking a bath all time. I was a one
holding a hand kerchief that was almost in the state of
soaked cloth. Sunlight blocked my vision by its bright rays. I
used my hand to cover my eyes by resting my fingers over my
eyebrows. My eyes had a little blurry vision due to
A bus caught into my vision and I could finally read the
destination of the bus. It was not the bus I need to board. So,
I stepped back and allowed others to step in front. The bus
stopped, many climbed down but one man fixed his look at
me. He looked weird, he wore rough cloths with more dirt
over it. He had a beard at different length, which was not
He stepped towards me and stood next to me. He
stretched his hand over his head. A stink entered my nose. I
just turned over the other side and helped my nose by
rubbing it with forefinger. He noticed me rubbing my nose.
He said, “Sweaty dry Morning Sir”. I glanced at him a
moment and adjusted my tugged in shirt and full sleeve
followed by twisting my head in little to and fro.
He was staring at me then he looked at my shoes and
he looked away. I looked down, a little dirt stuck at the edge
of my shinny black polished right shoe. I lifted my pants a
little with the left hand and cleaned the shoe with my left
sock. I felt like being perfect.
A car crossed by, it was pumping up some black and
dark smoke from its silencer. It made me cough. The man
near me said, “Idiot he buys a car but he can’t maintain it”. I
didn’t feet comfortable in having a conversation with that
man but I responded, “Yeah”.
“Sir, it causes pollution right?” he asked.
I nodded.
“I don’t have much knowledge over it, but I know it
heats the sun and sun is heating us back”, he said. His word
were very hilarious to me. I put a smile and wanted to end
the conversation. He didn’t rested, he continued, “Sir, why
people are doing this?”
“We can’t change anyone as we wish”, I said.
“So this will be our country’s state all time right?”
he asked.
“It changes when everyone changes individually”
“Polluted Environment, with Polluted People Sir”, he
said with a giggle and continued by asking, “Which bus are
you waiting for?”
Why he asks these to me? I was alert then. I just said,
“Next Bus”. He agreed with my answer and looked over the
bus’s arrival. I checked my pocket for my wallet and I assured
its safety. The bus arrived, it was the bus I was about to take
my journey. I climbed before the man asks me anything. I
found a seat empty. I ran over it and sat, wiped my sweat
with my kerchief.
I assured my wallet again and felt safe. I peeped
through window searching for that man. He was missing. The
stink caught my nose again, no doubt with looking aside I
guessed it was that man. He was sitting next to me. He
smiled at me and I did the same for the formality. What he
want from me? I asked myself. I was sitting very firmly with
my half closed nose and attentive look over him. Whenever I
want to breathe I just took my nose near the window.
The bus stopped at next stop and some climbed in, an
old man climbed in. He came near my seat and he held the
pole near with his hands firmly. I wished to stand up and give
him the seat. I was about to stand, I saw some people
younger to me sitting and they are not ready for giving seat
then why should I. I just started to have some less polluted
air from the window.
The man next to me stood on the next moment he saw
the old man. He stood up and gave the seat to that old man.
The old man thanked him. I looked at the man he held the
pole and gave a smile at me.
I could hear a word he spelt before through the smile
he gave at me, “Polluted Environment, with Polluted
Lets put a stop the talk for a change, Lets Put a start for the change.

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