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Forgotten dreams,lost memories!!

Forgotten dreams,lost memories!!

Lost memories!!

Years just passing by
Never thought of how life passed by
Just trying to live the life slow
Sometimes ups and sometimes down as life flow

Just a pause ,and now I left wondering
About all those years passed remembering
Those unheard silent words of little iam
Those screams of my fears they tried to calm

How I wished to fly high in the sky
But they cut the wings ,not to let me fly
That girl who loved to play with clay
Every wish of my joy was taken away

Aiming to become the best child
Turned murderer by killing her own dreams
With the blood of her murdered dreams
She burried all her memories in her heart

Now years later she pauses again
As she dig the heart with her forgotten dreams
Her heart with lost memories gives her pain
That pain burried in heart with silent screams

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