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There he came, on enchanting chariots of knowledge,
Unperturbed withholding the reins, of life's essence,
Trumpeted triumphs of dissipated divinity,
He's the one, when it showers on his big head,
Bounty in knowledge benevolent in prescence,
Running through deepest insights of intellects,
Heere he comes, celebrating his birthday!
On the 4th day of calender,
Moon vanishes, with the sin he that has occured….
Dainty drizzles smearing the dermis, all over again,
Clay has ways, the divine elephant head, a jewel adorned in plain,
Ears spread across the universe, fanning out evil,
A trunk of wisdom, entwining the soul, pure and impeccable,
A bounty tummy, the world's knowledge gripped and digested in,
Despite this myriad advantages,
He is a friend for children, teacher for students,
Guru for an adult, salvation for a life…..
Streets flood with his pandals,
The eight direction scream out his name,
The stars would fall, but never is his fame,
Idols to worship, flowers to be showered,
A vibe thoroughly carried,
He is OUR LORD, the one who proudly wears an elephant head,
LORD VINAYAKA, I bow to thee, make this devotee a flower at your feet…

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