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Social Media is the various platforms on which one can connect and communicate to people globally..

Well, if you ask me, wheather it is a curse or Boon to the mankind??
My answer is – “It Depends”.. Yes you read it right, it depends on the person who is using it and how he/she using it and what are his/her area of interest..
See, it’s a Universal law that “our nature loves symmetry “, if there is good then a bad side is existing too, if there is happiness then a sad side is existing too and there are probably infinite examples of it . There is a equal and opposite side of each and every thing in this universe .It depends on us, on which side we give more preference.

Same thing happens with social media…it also have both the side and It depends on us how we use it .
If one is interested in any field of science, art, commerce Or any other thing, the social media provides them a huge platform to showcase their talents (As you are reading this, you too are one of them😉 who loves writing). It gives them Fame, a source of earning , respect and a lot more . You may take the examples of Bhuvan Bam, Shakti Mohan, Hansraj Raghuvanshi, Gaur Gopal Das etc who all have done a tremendously stunning job at their respective field and place.

Now, coming to the second side, if one is just trying to do foolishness things, he/she is also welcomed in the world of social media.
It gives them a platform to spread hatered In the name of caste, color ,religion etc..
One can easily spread rumors and fake things on it . One can share sexually unacceptable things ..
One can kill their entire day and night on it…
And many more negative examples are in existence…..

So for not making it long and to conclude this, I may just state the fact that if you are using it in a right way then automatically you will get and attract right stuff and vice versa…

So It all depends on you. 🙃.


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