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The perpetual insanity
The mended treachery
Among st our race is heredity
That's Our normalized humanity
The subtle acceptance of mediocrity
The illusional happening life, is a self imposed tyranny
what delusional beliefs caused the irony?
Disrupted the harmony
Isn't earth already human kind infected?
Isn't the truth openly dissected?
Then Why crave the people's veneration
Why carve the validation
Isn't the time volatile?
Then, Why The pretentious subtlety
Forever longings for tranquility
Why so stubborn, is it how we born?
Isn't the mundane existence
of sapiens the reality?
But why so bizarre and bare
Opinion, on the rare
Isn't death inevitable?
Then why care the passing facts from phylogeny
Then forced induction to progeny
Why no shunning the source and shutting the door Isn't universe every day new
Then Why embodying the old tradition
When you know all it caused is, the tension
Why no unlearn the pattern
Can't we engrave a new manuscript
Can't we sculpt an modern in script
Before we meet the incurable
What we call unstoppable……death

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