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My new routine may not include you physically,
but it’s filled with you basically.

My Mondays are fully dedicated to missing you,
and smiling like an idiot in such bliss, few.
Tuesday comes with one of our old memory's little laugh,
And with these tickling thoughts, the day gets over by half.
The other half ends in reminding you that memory,
and adding a few more laughs to our beautiful story.
Wednesdays are a Lil slow and lazy,
because I don't have someone to be crazy!
Then comes the fourth Thursday,
along with your cravings on its way.
Every day seems like a new difficult challenge,
but every night conversation compensates it with a plunge.
Slowly comes the Friday on the week,
and elevates us immediately with a fleet.
Our Friday doesn't include movie nights,
but it has extra love and affection in our sight.
Till Saturday comes,
we are again into gums.
Sunday's are full of gloom,
we're again trapped in our room.

But we tell ourselves to smile,
as it’s just one more mile,
left to be covered in this journey,
and soon we’ll be together in a while.


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