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This story is about a king the king was very powerful and he was also very talented he was very intelligent and he has capture many state. Neighboring Kings were jealous of him and they wanted to capture his territory. Many times the neighboring king tried to fight with them and to win he territory but they were unable to do so because the king was very powerful . Once all the neighboring Kings gather and made a plan to capture his territory so all the neighboring countries strived together and they made a plan to kidnap the king and capture the territory.

 The neighboring King made friendship with some of the favorite soldiers of the king the soldiers added sleeping powder with the food of the king when the king ate the food he slept and the soldiers wrapped the king in the bed sheet and took the king to the forest of a neighboring state there the neighboring Kings planned and trapped the king in a den and kept a big stone in front of the door of the den when the king woke up in the den, he saw that he was tightly roped. 

Firstly the king thought that due to the lack of air he will die soon but then he remember the last lines of his mother "that is keep on striving don't lose faith on God" and remembering the king went to the wall of the den and scrubbed his hand against the wall after sometime the rope was broken by the king when the king was going near to the door to go out ,suddenly a snake came and bite him then again his courage fell down and he thought that he is going to die soon and again he remember the lines told by her mother that is" keep on striving don't lose faith on God "remembering this the king took out a knife from his waist and cut the part of a leg where the Snake has bitten then he tried to stand up but then the place where he cut on the leg was bleeding he sat down and again his courage was lost. He again thought of his mother words and wrapped a cloth on his leg and finally went near the door.

 There he found that there was a big stone in front of him and he again remember his mom's words "keep on striving and keep faith on God" and he pushed the the stone he kept on striving and striving and kept faith on God and himself and at last he pushed with all his power and then the stone fell down from the hill on which den was. And the king was succeeded to get
of den and then he captured the neighboring states also.
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