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I have my mentors and teachers who’ve forever blessed me with their beautiful presence.
I have my parents who care for me so much and have taught me what life if since the day I was born. How to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to write, etc and etc. It wouldn’t have been possible without them.
I have my teachers at school and college who have held my hand when I failed to understand things. Not just for marks, but for gaining knowledge.
I have worthy friends whose incessant support has helped me reach heights. When in fights, I have been taught to stay strong.
I have myself, who has battled with herself in every right and wrong. From ego to passion to anger to calmness, I have faced situations tough and cumbersome.

But, apart from all these, I have admired the presence of GOD. It is due to Him that I am alive and we all prosper. I pay tribute to HIM this Teacher’s Day.

I embrace God’s grace whenever I feel low,
children of a noble soul.
I run to temples and monasteries in search of you to help me,
I know I’m selfish and lonely but no one’s there to see me,
I read your scriptures and chant rosaries, my lips in constant murmurings,
God, how do you embrace me knowing I’m just a silly seedling!

There’s no corner of the house or a bed for me to stare,
Whenever I’m scared and I see no one around, I say your name without a fear,
The chanting bells and sparkling light is enough for me to shine so bright ,
Your gates are always open, no ban for anyone who visits you even in moonlight.

I seek solace in your being that I had been longing since so many ages,
If not you, then who can compose me to come back to my senses.
Letters and diaries can always be filled but who would read and listen,
No friends or colleagues are ready to stand when calamities break out and lessen.

How much do I share my emotions with my parents and well wishers,
I know they are not immortal or will live long till I live to bring me peace as a preacher,
But you are a point of light, never ending, sky of stars,
And my inner beauty glows when I melt in your purity with my scars.

For me, you are my mentor, my house of peace and my world of peace,
In you I will look for answers and questions till I stay to my well being.


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