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Favorite Teacher
*Math Sir*

One day Vikram woke early morning when his phone ringed.
Vikram received the call it was his childhood friend Siddharth
Siddharth told that Mahesh sir died. Vikram was not able to identify he asked Siddharth. Siddharth reminded him Mahesh sir – math teacher of tuition. Vikram was able to remember now.
He asked Siddharth how he died. Siddharth answered that
Mahesh sir died of cancer. Siddharth turns off the call.
Getting out of bed Vikram sat on the sofa and start remembering his childhood memories with Mahesh sir.
When Vikram was in 9 class he was forced to go to tuition
At that time it wasn’t allowed to be tuition with the teacher of
There school so Vikram went to Mahesh sir who was a teacher in another school. Those days of tuition were amazing he doesn’t remember how many movies he has seen in place of going tuition. In the evening he comes back from school to eat biscuits
And go to tuition on cycle. Tuition was the place where we can be naughty. We can talk play laugh with girls and boys. Mahesh sir was very angry and that much intelligent also.
At that time competition was not only among students there
Was competition among teachers also. On every teacher day, they never forget to give a costly pen or pen stand to Mahesh sir. But today the reason for forgetting Mahesh sir was that we can see school teachers at school reunion but tuition teachers were never seen again. When Vikram was in 10 class due to his mischievous activities Mahesh sir beat her hard his hands were swelling. After the tuition over Mahesh sir took Vikram to his room and ointments were first aid to him. After that Vikram had never scored less in maths. And he was in the first position in the mathematics exam in 10 th.
Today after 30 years when Mahesh sir died he took away some memories of childhood with him
Thinking this a drop of tear came out of Vikram’s eyes


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