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The day I met her
It felt like
My whole world lightened
Dark sky turning blue
And the directions widened
Season of songs
Showers of color
Storms of scents
Stars of love
The breezes drunken
The soul went wandering
The gestures transformed
The heart skipping beats
She arrived with a smile
To take over my feelings
Nestle in my heart
And arousing hopes
That sweet soaked face
Hidden in her tresses
Like the moon behind the clouds
Peering through the curtain of night.
Her eyes an ocean of dreams
That held a sparkling spread
Each wave of her words
Is like a shower of pearls.
The echo of silver anklets
Wine spilling breaking a goblet
Hands stroking musical strings
Like a song serenading
I learned
How emotions melt the heart
How quests find destiny
How the moon descends on the land
How earth contains the splendor of heaven
She drew me near
To tell me that
We were destined to meet
As flowers to bloom
These ties are forever
Eternal is our bond
Each lifetime
Has brought us together.
Those words like honey
Pleasured my ears
Took me to a fantasy
Of beautiful colors that existed
But could be found nowhere
All my dream lay shattered
My hopes were lost
When my eyes fell open
I came to reality
I found I saw
The one that had come
To light up my life
To dwell in my sight
Is gone forever
Numbness in my soul
Abandoned my heart
No one to call mine
Drowned in tears
My days and nights hold
Laments and solitude
My lone self and memories
Of my lost love!

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