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September 2020

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Hi people! Want to get aboard to a flight to my world of dreams?Well, here you go!! January is the month I was born in,I'll make it a month of beautiful sceneries,February being the cold month around,I'll work hard to beat the darkness and storms. March is...

I am deep in my dreams,Where no one will be caught me.I am free to see,What I want to see. It's my dream world,Which is so beautiful from my world.I am flying high in the air,As a bird flying in the air. The trees are moving and...

I Project myself into dimensions not known,Musings, abruptly have embodied into, this world,Eerie silences, now singing, songs of fading blurriness, fully grown… Enchantments, captivating my saplings of thoughts newly sown,Worlds of unknown mysteries, slowly unfurledI Project myself into dimensions not known, Charms, and magics, to me unknown,Muting...

Her Life was so scrambled…Like an eroded jungle…Broken dreams in teary eyes…But She wanted to fly at highs…Circumstances made her fall apart…With whom she shared her broken heart…No hopes and no expectations all around…She had lots of scars and wound…A dream came to her like...

I always have imaginedMy DreamworldIf I ran the world There will be no religionThere will be no country or continentThere will be one languageThere will be no moneyThere will be no helplessnessThere will be no poor or richThere will be no person who will sleep hungryThere...

The cities sparkle at nightAnd everything seems beautiful and bright.Seeing this sight our eyes to glitter with delight.But once one experiences life in a city,He remains no more gaiety.He soon understands that it was just a splendid illusionProving wrong one's perception.A person who had come...

In the world of my dreamsThere's existss humanity in every human being.It is the world full of affection and respect for other creaturesIt is where humans know their responsibility towards nature.It is where no one lives in poverty and there is gender equality…My world of...

Little steps into the world,Adorned in fancy whims.Tranquil waves of love unfurled,Fill my land of dreams. The gleaming beams of the golden ball,Paint each smiling soul.No rush to catch up urgent calls,No plans to frame a goal. Trees have words to speak and hear,Birds to sing all...

कैसी आयी ये महामारी, अपने अपने रोजगार से हाथ धो बैठा हर कर्मचारी, छोटी हो या बड़ी सब बंद हो गयी व्यवसाय हो या नौकरी। जान है तो जहान है का मतलब, अच्छे से समझ गयी ये दुनियाँ सारी, सबके धंधे पानी पर ताला लगा गयी, इतनी भयंकर बीमारी रोजगार सबके ठप...

मेरी ये कहानी सच्ची घटना पर आधारित है। हमारा देश एक खुशहाल देश है। जहाँ सब मिलजुल कर रहते है। किसी के पास यहाँ काम की कोई कमी नहीं है। एक रोज़ दुनिया में एक बीमारी आगयी जिसकी लहर हर जगह छा गयी। वो कोई...