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She woke up with sunrise petals in her eyes,
Like a soft bunch of cotton adorning her skin,
A princess of the sky smiling down sweetly,
Crowned with hues of rainbow iris.
Her touch was magical from dusk to dawn,
Sunset smiled as she ran her fingers across sunrise,
Her eyes shimmered as she weaved stars in the sky,
The bland shades turned to fanatical with her gaze.
She flew down from heaven, an angel of the sky,
Bundle of joy cradled in arms of nature,
She broke the skylights with her toothy smile,
With brilliant colors spraying around.
Sunset to sunrise she swayed with the leaves,
Hues in the sky hugged her just so deep,
That's how she continued to live her life,
A princess of cosmos landed on Earth to melt her smile.
When nights are dark and sunsets start toasting,
A ray of hope to the mornings are spring,
To the greatest fears and tears that are shed,
The reflecting light is a guide to always help.
For the evenings that shatter you and your soul,
Remember the morning that'll hold you close,
To the clouds that spread peace and harmony,
Seek solace in their fluffiness and symphony.
The nature will surprise you every other as a day,
With sunrise at the horizon all ready to spray,
Delight in your heart and calmness in mind,
Will eradicate all the factors harming hour side.
Be an optimistic adorning even the worst,
Because even a shady place has shadow in reverse,
The company of positivity will irradiate beauty,
Be your strong without failing your duty.
The white light will bring rainbow in your life,
Shades will paint you with sunbeams of delight,
It will cradle you deep in its essence and relief,
You'll feel so blessed with the positive belief.
Make yourself so strong that storms cannot drown,
The mountains will smile with the sunshine of warmth,
Fly high with peace diverging in all directions,
The pessimistic hope will turn into realistic reflection.

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