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An explosion from the past took a toll over now,
With potential immense but capability down,
Unemployment occurs on the explosion,
Growth is constant with number stagnant.
Corona has taken a toll where growth is at stake,
Not letting souls grow crop even for themselves,
No way to take hold of their growing family,
Living at home has burnt down lives daily.
Sitting idly and looking at the skies in a daze,
To understand who was at fault amazed,
There's no one to take care of their livelihood,
Hungry, innocent lives ask for at least one-time food.
Large volume costs for a deadly fight,
For food, money, work with a smile,
Like a weed amongst the flowers,
People suck the necessities for survival.
A small world with all important things,
Helps to live peacefully with strings,
A happy place and twinning of souls,
Becomes a universe of its own.
Still, the labor gets divided into many,
But the lack of strength to feel is uncanny,
Battle for place and survival rate,
The survival of the fittest wins the race.
Demolishing nature to establish roads,
Houses big are made aboard,
It's the unbalance caused due to increase,
A decrease in number should be let to freeze.
Yet we survive till our death,
Fulfilling needs and becoming a strength,
The population may be a boon for many,
We are ought to live in a world friendly.
Although corona has spread like wildfire,
But this unemployment will not break their wires,
Once again the lives will bloom happily,
Within a shelter when people will work smiling.

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