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In the middle of the night,
When clock stroked 2:05.
With the blow of a strong breeze,
She woke up, terrified!
A bad dream which got stuck in her mind,
Interrupted her sleep that night.
The dream was nothing else but memories of her past life,
Which she has recollected scrolling down her gallery earlier that night.
As she was scrolling down, screenshots saved years ago caught her eyes,
One by one as she opened them tears rolled down to cheeks.
However, years had passed away but memories of her loved one are still alive
Which these screenshots have revived,
And for the one more time she again smiled.
But later she started to miss those days,
And the person with whom she had made these lovely texts.
She recalled all those mornings they spent together wrapped in each other arms,
And all those nights which had passed in phone calls.
She was amazed at how a screenshot took her years back,
Brought her smile but later made her upset.
Though now she had come miles away from them,
But still, whenever she sees those screenshot it reminds her of him.
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