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September 2020

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Sundays hold a great significance in my life after I entered the workforce. I look forward to Sundays because of the great respite I experience from the super hectic job I perform from Monday through Saturday. The memories of my last Sunday are still fresh...

WHO AM I? That the eyes that see my sins Look down on me with love And watch me rise. Who am I? That the candle I neglect Can still light up my night And light my frights. Who am I? That the soul I...

1. Clock hands hardly mattered- The class at 10 a.m. has your gracious presence not earlier than 10.30 ….that too after making sure we actually have nothing to do in general than head to college in slippers (sometimes even possibly the night suit!!) 2.Food Had...

Just maybe my heart didn't understand the dynamics of love Ignorance as a teacher-led to an inability to differentiate between sugar and salt Caring and Love interpreted wrongly Just maybe I forgot the boundaries of friendship Thinking you felt like I did, I discovered a...

Theme: Super Sunday Yeah! It's Sunday Granny comes to its storytime. No homework, no tuitions, no coding classes. Just your beautiful stories and ample of time with fritters, burgers, and Gulab jamun. Granny entered the room counting the beads of her rosary. Mom was, as...

The world is in confusion because of a strange calamity, The real calamity is doing a press up, Woe to Mafians, their unquestionable knowledge failed, Follow the lines and be sanitized with wisdom. ...

On a heavy dark night, I was walking down a dead giant street. As compliance to my tattered soul and to cater to my angst I lit my cigar. My lungs were inflated with ashes and I could see a haze around me thicken gradually....

Were my eyes at fault for loving you, Or my heart that chimed your name, Was my love at fault for choosing you, Or your blood that raged as a game? Was it me at fault who was ready to die, For someone who narrated...

This story of a big businessman who was giving a speech in a big auditorium and was telling how to bounce back in life and how some people taught him the lesson of Karma. He told that when he was in a young age he...

It has been a long time ago,When mind and thought are flow;The only hope is a little prayer:That makes me stand and be stronger. I surrender God's everything,With time, soul body, and mind,Three weeks it takes for his blessings,Which I was deserve all the time. The secret...