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In this world, we look around,
And see a thousand lives.
In varying forms, they can be found,
Unveiling differing vibes.
Senses held by mortal brains,
Speak of mundane tasks.
But beyond these worldly lanes,
Lies the dawn and dusk.
To perceive facts that normal mind,
Will never be able to hold.
Are the ones that no one finds,
Beyond the mines of gold.
High above into the sky,
We gaze for hours to think.
How can birds flap and fly,
Why do animals blink?
What awaits beyond the death?
Where do souls reside?
What facts hold the vibes of fate,
And where does happiness hide?
There are secrets concealed deep,
Into the womb of the earth.
No mortal can ever crawl or creep,
Into the stealthy part.
Our human mind has grooves to trap,
Thoughts of higher zones.
But those answers hidden in gaps,
Are well seated on thrones.
Deep inside our subtle soul,
A million thoughts arise.
The peak and sneak through optic holes,
And shine inside the eyes.
Sit a while in a room alone,
Make it dark as night.
Mark a point as a golden stone,
Focus with all your might.
Walk inside those quirky grooves,
Feel each neuron smile.
Try to watch those rarest moves,
While you walk the mile.
A light with a tinge of deadly white,
Will creep in through thy mind.
It will make a world so bright,
On earth, no one can find.
Once you are a healthy part,
And witness through those lands.
You may find those tricky arts,
That live beyond our hands.
The cloud of thoughts are dense to float,
They dwell inside the brain.
But they can float like the lightest boat,
Once our mind is trained.
Floating thoughts can pull things down,
No human has ever known.
The mundane rhymes of divine town,
Can now be felt alone.

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