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The slithering touch of honey syrup on top, 
Is the hallmark of culinary skills on spot, 
Like ambrosia dripping from haven above, 
Nectar swirls and curls, melting enough. 
Mother's hands are the paradise on Earth, 
No one can dictate over the rules she gives birth, 
Layered like the crust of soil, one over the other, 
Gives a mouth-watering taste to palatable butter. 
Mint leaves sprinkled like stardust in air, 
Banana cubes adorning like a crown of fur, 
And the smooth course of amber fall like dewdrops, 
As Mumma bakes our favorite dish on the steaming pot. 
Brimming teapot of gold gives company to our plate, 
A black cloth beneath enwraps the brave taste, 
Envelope with warmth and love is made each floor, 
Tortillas decorated with an intense aroma to devour. 
It's the best food of life with Mumma makes it, 
Floating on the clouds of Dreamland is the best treat, 
Isn't it so great to try our new cuisine for enhancement, 
With Mom and you, two chefs resonate on the dining set.

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