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Those eyes that shimmer in the darkest nights, 
Those lips that caress the Clementine outline, 
that hair that swivels softly with the winds, 
Those fingers that tenderly touch and kiss. 
Nothing of these but it's the personality that captures heart, 
Not even color or creed or custom can beat their part, 
It's the purity within which reflects in the being, 
It encaptures the viewer in their cradle of living. 
Sweet talks and pristine nature is everything, 
Divine and heaven like is the whisper of spring,
The walk of the tongue and the way of presenting, 
Is just the fact that picks up the best in a relationship. 
Not even apparel or crop hairstyle can touch the core, 
No fairytale makeover or dashing glasses can hold, 
No slim body or heavy figure can choose people, 
It is the way of words and smooth voice that dribbles. 
The way to go with things and control temperament, 
To be harshest and yet the softest in the storms tell, 
Cold-hearted but a heartwarming personality picks, 
The person even if a devil with put a smile if he's pristine. 
Yes, it's the personality that always cradles a heart, 
It is the purity of a person that steals those hearts. 

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