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Ever read a hardbound book which has pages so soft?
And a soft copy novel with letters printed so harsh?
When books are sold, you never know what’s inside,
Unless and until you open the thread to read it wide.

Even a human being residing with you is also the same,
He might be a cold hearted beast, but hides in a shell,
When you disentangle the ropes and open the windows,
You’ll realize that a soft body sleeps inside a huge figure.

There’s also a misconception of judging people,
How could you point out on someone on first meet when summoned?
Isn’t it so wrong to judge someone just by looks?
Because unless you talk and talk, you won’t know that book.

A fiction kind of life he might be leading, he being antagonist,
But reading line by line and pages after pages, you’ll know he’s the protagonist,
He’s being going through so much that he had to shut himself,
And maybe he was in search of someone to open up his real self?

It is so true right, when someone talks behind you,
WITHOUT even asking you and making sensible statements out of blue,
Similar is the case with every other human being,
Try to understand a storybook by attempting it thoroughly.

Also, devote some time to give a sound read through every person,
Not just scrolling for fun and later regretting the what you’ve done,
A book that you purchase, don’t just store it in shelf,
Try to read between the lines, maybe you’d know the true sense.

This is the relation of humans beings and books,
Covered and sheltered, waiting to be opened,
Don’t judge someone just by blinking your lashes,
Look closely, before you attach wings to let them fly.


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