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"There are no short cuts to be successful in life, It depends upon one's own Interesting, zeal and hard work, Determination, dedication, and dogged pursuit, but there is one more thing most Important for any success and Achievements in life is required 'Inspiration', without " Inspiration " no one Can succeed in life, inspiration can create The interest and concentrate upon the Concerned subjects and enhance the Competition spirit, Inspiration the heart of Learning, creates meditation, growth of Knowledge, for development of inspiration One must read the books of the great Personalities such as Dr .B.R.Ambedkar, Jyothi Rao Phule, Swami Vivekananda, Gandhi, Dr. Abdul Kalam, etc., To get awareness how they became great Intellectuals and legends in the world, only Inspiration can lead the person's victory And reach the goal, Inspiration can make a Person be positive and confidence in getting success. "
  • Nune . Rajaiah
    Posted at 05:20h, 27 September Reply

    Very good story

  • Ashok
    Posted at 09:24h, 27 September Reply

    Excellent ur sir

  • Prasanna Kkumar
    Posted at 14:29h, 27 September Reply

    Excellent sir

  • Pramodkumar
    Posted at 15:33h, 27 September Reply

    Very good inspiration…👌

  • Srihari Kongari
    Posted at 06:54h, 28 September Reply

    Good story

  • Shravan Kumar
    Posted at 04:24h, 30 September Reply

    Excellent mama

  • Rachamalla srinivas
    Posted at 09:33h, 30 September Reply

    murali sir,good afternoon your valuable words can useful to all the society .Excellent story

    Posted at 14:17h, 30 September Reply

    Success Mantra.very motivatinal

  • Mangesh Banala
    Posted at 05:11h, 02 October Reply

    Very nice sir

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