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Lessons from Lockdown

Lessons from Lockdown

Have you ever sat down in the corner of your room and thought that what are the new things you did in this lockdown? What are the small things you appreciated? And most importantly, what are the little changes you feel within yourself?
I certainly did and realized that it has been a roller-coaster ride. It has truly been a learning phase for me. And I am sure; it must have been a learning phase for you guys too. The on-going crisis has changed the way we live our lives. All of us have to adapt to the new ways of living - be it working from home, maintaining social distancing or going out for daily essentials.
As we all count the days till the lockdown ends, let’s take a moment to throw back on what we have learned during this period and how this is going to affect the rest of our lives:
Work – life balance is possible :
At the beginning of the lockdown, I saw many people putting up pictures of baking, cooking and many more stuff. I have never been an exceptional cook but always had a knack for baking. But, being a working girl, I hardly get chance to bake.
" Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life " - Dolly Parton
This lockdown gave me chance to rediscover this hidden talent in me. And since then I haven’t stopped. It has been a few months now and I have baked a lot of varieties of cakes and cookies. My fear for cooking with work has finally vanished. And that’s an accomplishment.
We are a lot more flexible than we thought :
Before the lockdown began, almost everyone had set routines of how they spent their day. Many of us would not have imagined going through our day without the things that we were accustomed to do. But, here we are.
Accepting and adapting the completely new way of living. Working from home around our families 24/7, some of us are living away from loved ones and all of us are trying to cope.
In the times like this, it’s important to remind ourselves that we have already adapted a huge change and we can do it again. We are now flexible more than ever.
Roles of gender in the household :
The problematic view of domestic work being the women’s responsibility played out even as men helped their women in the house chores. But it seems that shared responsibility was just momentary for men and doesn’t seem to have permeated sufficiently to post – lockdown as a way of living.
Roles of men and women within the household which to some extent get vanished during the lockdown have gone back to status quo. This lockdown gave us the time to recreate our own life and let go of the traditional dynamics of gender roles and responsibilities.
World is healing. We are the virus.
The country saw historically low levels of pollution during lockdown with the industries, transport, etc. at a standstill. This lockdown when most of the world stayed locked away in their houses and no industrial activity took place, was the only time when we achieved the target of global warming reduction.
We should remember that the beautiful views of nature should not be a temporary glimpse. We do not own the beauty of nature. We can each do our part to ensure that our own lives are as ingrained with nature.
Empathy & Treatment towards domestic workers :
This lockdown forced us to reduce our contact from outside world. In this time, people had new found respect for their domestic workers. Their hard – work was being recognized. However, the empathy it seems was a hollow gesture.
Many domestic workers were not paid during lockdown. They were ready to give up and move back to their hometown due to partial payment or no payment. Despite verbal appreciation, many people decided to remove them from work and didn’t pay them or paid less. As a result, they faced problems trying to find food due to lack of funds.
The lack of respect and appreciation that they face is disheartening. Especially after lockdown which made us realize our dependence on them and their well-being.
We can no longer take our people for granted :
Before lockdown, we probably didn’t think too much about people around us. But now, when we are dealing with uncertainty of when things will settle down, meeting our loved ones would be something none of us would take for granted anymore.
We’re seeing families and neighbors learn the importance of being together through thick and thin. Most importantly, we have learnt that no matter what, we are all in this together.
  1. There is a lot to be grateful for :
We have realized the importance of gratitude now more than ever. Not being able to live life as usual made us appreciate all the little positive things in our life, be it a simple walk in the park or lunch with colleagues at work.
For the first time in the long time, we acknowledge the members of the society who we otherwise didn’t think about, like Doctors, Nurses, and Scientists, who are working hard to treat patients. Teachers have been ensuring that students continue to learn. Domestic workers are maintaining cleanliness and preventing us from diseases. And creative people are providing distraction and comfort from this uncertainty.
Even after this lockdown, it’s important that we continue to practice gratitude, not only towards those people who are working hard to make a difference in our lives.
The lockdown has certainly been a period of learning and lessons. However, it also has been a scary and over-whelming experience for a lot of us. Let us hope we are able to become more resilient to face future obstacles.
Remember : If we are able to respond to the mental and physical health crisis with resilience, we can deal with whatever life throws our way.
Stay happy !! Stay safe !!
  • Shivam Agrahari
    Posted at 06:01h, 25 September Reply

    Awesome work!! Keep it up👍👍

  • Megha Pawan
    Posted at 08:50h, 25 September Reply


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