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Lives were fast, running through the lanes,
Their vibrant wheels were driven by the brains.
No leisure time to ponder deep,
No chance to have a graceful sleep.
Books adorning shelves of rooms,
Were drenched in layers of dusty fumes.
Work is worship, work is life,
Days must run through race and strife.
Days must have no time to talk,
With beloved people, no space to walk.
Lockdown brought us oceans of time,
To write down poetry in a splendid rhyme.
To watch how parents who once were bold,
Are gradually turning weak and old.
To behold their face and caring eyes,
How tiny wrinkles smile in disguise.
How trembling hands could hold no more,
The spoon keeps falling on the dusty floor.
How dried tears have left their soul,
To make their lives an arid hole.
Life is much beyond avarice,
Life can have no earthly price.
Feelings, emotions, love and care,
Fill up all our human share.
I learned each day when I stayed back home,
It's my onus to build my Rome.
To make my parents the rulers there,
It is a part of their staple share.
Life has choices, life has hope,
Life is priced beyond each scope.
Delve inside the silent soul,
It might have a different goal.
The nine to six work we do,
Must be an illusion beneath the blue.
Destiny might have varied plans,
Learn to explore each little chance.
Lockdown taught me values of life,
To sprinkle smiles and feel each vibe.
To make it cherish it's bubbly soul,
And trace down hues of the final goal.

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