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Concealed faces in blissful masks,
We adore them with all our hearts.
Like the dew drops mirror the sun,
They mirrored the one in heaven.
They spelled magic in youthful nerves,
Creating rushes of adrenaline.
Roles of youth, a model to worship,
Their apparent faces were gleaming in the light.
The real ones hid behind the camera lens.
They are actors, their skills were mistaken,
Lights, camera, and activities held our whims.
They crept inside our sulcus grooves,
Creating surreal lands of dreams.
They gave us a myriad of broken expectations,
Ripped off our thoughts into pieces.
Smoking our hard-earned money,
Into the swirls of the flimsy air.
Yes, they are addictive to drugs,
They find bliss and tranquil happiness
But the moment when crores are smoked,
In weeds and hard marijuana,
A thousand people sleep in hunger,
On the filthy footpaths of our country.
They have no home to live, no food to eat,
No blanket to cover themselves,
In the harsh blows of the winters.
And here the hard-earned money of taxpayers,
Are smoked into the world of fumes,
In the name of cheap entertainment.
They never allowed someone from us,
To even sneak or peek into their vibrant world.
Their kingdom of ecstasy,
Remains secluded from common bedlam.
The venomous stings of Nepotism,
Spread its wings in utter impetuosity.
The dirt, the filth, and the devilish souls,
Captured each nook and corner,
Of our beloved Bollywood.
Drops by drop the lethal poison,
Was coalesced with the new blood,
To envenom the fresh souls of talent.
Intellectualism and skill are abused and plundered.
Each day innocent youth is being used
To satisfy the myriad greed for lust.
A physique with curves and crimson lips,
Lured the lusty wolves of Bollywood,
To devour and quench their despicable thirst.
It's high time, we must open our eyes,
And behold the devils behind the grin.
The ogres hidden beneath the garden of flowers.
And boycott each of them with behest.
Let no feculent flood ever again,
Tamper with our feelings and emotions.
Let these mucky insects never in dreams,
Plunder our hard-earned penny for lousy whims.
Let us join hands and march ahead,
With only one slogan, the slogan of the complete boycott of Bollywood.

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