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CORONA – knock knock ! Hey world may I get in ?
WORLD -No ,why you came to destroy us.
CORONA – I came to destroy? Or it’s you who are destroying nature .
Killing all animals , birds, destroy forests , burning woods .
You are so selfish you all are jealous of each other & risk others life for your benefit .
So tell me who is destroying world ?
WORLD – You are right but Learn to forgive & Forget .
CORONA – No not every time ! Punishment helps to rectify the mistakes
WORLD – But we love humans
CORONA – But humans doesn’t seems to Love you. It’s high time you should give them a lesson.

In this way the Humans are suffering, humans are caged as the way the cage birds & animals. Corona brings out the fact that Humans are ruthlessly & mercilessly killing nature due to their selfish needs

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