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On a stary night
Holding his hand tight
She asks him-
'How far will you go for love?'
He retorts -
Will walk together, holding our hands just
On the stairs of trust and belief within
Will reach on the terrace moon
Where stars below and stars above
In waterfalls and in oceans mellow
A handful of stars I'll adorn
on the forehead of yours
Erubescent as starly stars
You'll be mine on the dream of our own
And the universe be the evidence through
'Is this enough for you, my beloved?'
-''No this isn't enough, it's beyond though''

I just wish to walk through-
the oceans of sorrow and glow
All my life with you
Beholding you to the shore
I don’t want anything more

Just as the sun rises to bestow light
To let the world fight
And sets down to rest
To renounce the chance to the stars and moon
Shining all night, granting peace and love
To the lovers of the night

We be the lovers of love
Beneath the sky
Counting the endless number of stars
Conferring our dreams innumerate
Enshrouding the blanket of sky

‘Something more’?

As the stars and sky be destined together
All I wish to be yours and you to be mine
From life to the death
In the heaven and to the hell
Love as now and love as to be soar
I don’t want anything more.


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