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What do we see when we change our reaction to a generic problem? It's 2020 and definitely, nothing good about it, or was there something good after all?? the few lessons I learned when I was tired of waiting for things to change…
 1. Control is an obsession that will only lead to our fall.
 2. Reaction to our emotions is the only control we have.
 3. We always have time, difference lies in how we manage it.
 4. Self- realization hard-hit, I terribly fail at the second lesson.
 5. Sometimes things happen in life which makes no absolute sense, even then we have to hold hands, keep close to people who truly love and believe in us.
 6. Read., Write, EaT, .Sleep, (do what you love for a few minutes of the day), and Don't forget to breathe. Eliminate toxicity, but learn from them.
 7. Be true to your own self. Even when you feel nothing makes sense because many others are also having it worse;
 8. But remember this, you are entitled to your own emotions just don't let it control your gut and strength of mind. Whoever it may be, things may or may not be working for you but don't forget it I sit here in this room of mine, there is someone here who always believes in you. let's flip it!!
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