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Those little hands

Those little hands

When I feel her soft little baby hands on my face its the purest delight….I hold her hands and she giggles…. with joy….So many tiny happy things we do with her hands and palms and mine too….we clap our hands against each others, hake hands, she gives me a hi-five with those teeny weeny palms…she smears her spitted soaked palms all over my nose which I failingly try to escape from…. she pulls my cheeks….grabs my palm and pulls me towards something towards which she’s amused, thrilled and curious…. she takes my face pressed between her miniature palms and says with with a stammered speech…..I love you so much.

She splashes water with those petty pretty palms and hands and is surprising and startled by the cold wets….Her hands moving up and down in action when she listens or sings rhymes…. and while she dances funnily tapping her pygmy hands and feet….I kiss her palms., smell the sweet baby smell emitting from those…..I love this small bundle of mischief…. with super active hands and palms…. moving too and fro… little charm….

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